Your Game, Your Cards, Your Realm

ShadowRealms is a CNFT card game based on the Cardano Blockchain. Players entering the Shadow Realms can battle it out for glory and victory!


ShadowRealms ALPHA Packs

Fire Pack.gif

Fire Element Pack

Price: 16 ADA

Wind Element Pack

Price: 16 ada

Wind Pack.gif
Earth Pack.gif

Earth Element Pack

Price: 16 ada

Water Element Pack

Price: 16 ada

Water Pack.gif
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Coins & Cards

As an embedded game on the Cardano network, SHADOWREALMS tries carefully to provide the best possible gaming experience without needing to have a high investment. We do this by giving the option of an affordable game with play to earn benefits, as well as investing opportunities. Such opportunities include our Token and NFT gaming cards.

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Information at you fingertips

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ShadowRealms Game Mechanics

Inside this document is everything you need to know about ShadowRealms itself.

The Guide to understanding your new cards

This guide will walk you through each icon and its meaning. This card guide provides a brief description and visual aid.

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Why Cardano?

Cardano Blockchain is robust! It is significantly more energy-efficient, adaptable and scalable than other Blockchains. In addition to the transparency of its developers, the Cardano platform is a data-driven peer-reviewed system. It's systematic approach will minimize its volatility. ShadowRealms believes in the possibilities Cardano has to offer, and admires the push of the developers to provide a more energy-efficient Blockchain.

ShadowRealms Road Map

What's Next?

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