ShadowRealms Lore

Set in both modern day Earth and the parallel world of Tambora,
Hero's possessing magical powers are awoken and pulled into a dark realm that raged a century old battle.
The Hero's take part in adventures, facing off against an array of creatures in a war against the Shadow Demons in order to save the Earth realm.

Millions of realms were searched for warriors to partake in the Earth realms war games. The king of the Earth realm "King Sixxstreeter" held control of the games to find the perfect warriors to protect the Earth realm.

Battle with opponents, Win your battle and live in the glory of your victory. Be aware,
there are more opponents waiting to take that glory. Defeat every person or monster that stands in your way
to show YOU are the warrior to defend the Earth realm.

The rules of the game are simple, But nearly impossible to master.

Two opponents sit three yards apart. In their hand, a small dagger.
In the earth in front of them, a steel sword. 
You cannot kill an opponent with the dagger, so long as they remain seated. 
You can however, kill them with the sword.
Going for the sword means you stand, and are vulnerable. 
Your opponent can strike a dagger blow and kill you.
This is often done by throwing the dagger into your opponent.
The game only ends when one challenger falls to the other. 

ShadowRealms is a blood sport without mercy.

While sat, you are given no food or water.

You cannot take a break, you cannot sleep, you cannot take your eye off your opponent. 
A slip up, a mistake or even a yawn too long, and your rival can grab the sword and slay you. 
But you must be cautious. Winners have been known to feign a tired eye, Or a lingering blink. 
Seemingly unprepared, but in fact ready for the kill.

ShadowRealms is a game of wits, risk and luck.
Having an off day is something we all experience. 
Maybe feeling unwell or are just not yourself. 
But an off day in ShadowRealms will likely be your last. 
Most matches last a day and Some can go on much longer,
Until fatigue or dehydration wins out.

In a recent match, lasting just shy of four days one of the challengers fell asleep.
Unable to keep her heavy eyelids open any longer. 
Perhaps she welcomed eternal rest after the tournament.
But, when her rival stood to grasp the hilt of the blade, his weakness caught his knees.
His dry mouth burned fiercely, and he fell to the ground.
The thud made from his body hitting the floor woke his opponent.
Opportunity long enough for her to inch her way over to the sword and bury it deep within her opponent’s neck.

The ShadowRealms turns everyone weak, even those thought to be the strongest of all. 
Not mental fortitude or even years of training can prepare you for the ShadowRealms,
Many fear looking weak in front of the crowds. So, instead, 
they elect for quicker match.
But this rarely ends well.

A mighty man, towering above his small, spindly assailant.
Muscles barely contained within his required garment of a black sleeveless top,
will fall just as easily as their opponent when a blade is driven through their chest.
Often, it pays to leave ego behind before entering the ShadowRealms.
While for some, confidence has been enough to intimidate their opponents and led to an easy victory. 
But more often than not, it proves folly. As is the nature of the game, very few live long enough to 
become a legend of the sport. Those few that do honour patience and a level head above anything
else can often prove successful.

One player spoke of how they would describe the ShadowRealms in great detail in their own head,
recounting its history and its structure. As if playing they were part of a guide to a Warrior. 
Telling them about how it all plays out.

Victory in ShadowRealms gives high rewards to those lucky enough to make it out alive.