Founded in 2021, Cadahub is a team of motivated people providing Cardano blockchain-based products and services. Cardahub are a one stop shop for all NFT needs. They provide a Low fee minting platform & have a marketplace where you can buy and sell NFT's. Cardahub have partnered with ShadowRealms and provide a 50% off service-fee for those listing ShadowRealms Alpha cards on their marketplace.



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PlayerMint is building a play-to-earn layer that integrates with existing games. This allows the global gaming audience to earn the PlayerMint token,  to purchase virtual creations


At SHADOWREALMS, we consider ourselves a family of enthusiastic and passionate gamers. We take great pride in helping users improve their skills, find new games to try out or make it to the next level.

We appreciate all ideas and welcome all Fan-made creations. If you feel you have a good idea or would like to get to know us further, Please join our DISCORD to chat with us further.

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Boss of all things

Founder & Creator (CEO)

Living in Thailand, Rick is an essential part of the team, and is the creator SHADOWREALMS. Rick is full of knowledge and has impressive creative skills designing the games artwork. Without Rick, none of this would have been possible.



Creator of Opportunities
Senior VP (Vice President)

Living in Sydney, Australia, Michael is a motivated, results-oriented collaborator. He has helped to make ShadowRealms what it is today. Holding a passion for Trading Card Games, Michael hopes to spread his passion to others.